Snow Tubing and Lessons on Laughter

As you might guess from my title, yesterday I went snow tubing.  For those of you who haven’t had the joy of this experience, let me explain it this way.  You slide down the snowy side of a mountain (well, maybe it’s not THAT long of a side) on the inner tube from a rather large tire at great speed.  If you still want an idea, just do a Google search and you’ll come up with tons of pictures!

Of course you have to remember, my kids are fearless.  I, on the other hand, am not.  I have all kinds of crazy thoughts go through my mind.  Questions about life and death.  This is before I even slide down the hill the first time.

So I watch the 5 kids with me slide down the tube one at a time, each fearless and each laughing.  They each get a spin as they head down the hill.  They each run with joy to safety after they reach the bottom.  One lost a hat (which was retrieved) when she barely started her slide.  And then there was me.

My goal was to not let anyone see my fear.  I have to be a good example.  I call it fear, maybe trepidation is a better word.  The guy who is ready to launch me wants to give me a spin.  I resist and no spin for me.  I did, however, notice a smile on my face.  It was fun!  It took a few times before I allowed the spin, and it was fun too!

Then the kids beg me to go down in a group with them.  Four of us hold on to each others’ feet and we slide down as a group, having snow fly up into our faces with the world spinning by, laughing and having fun.  Yup, laughing and having fun.

To top it all off, I got to share this experience with friends – having travelled up as a group.  We shared our fears, and we shared our fun.  We got to know each other in a whole new way.

So, my lessons on laughter are…you can start out slowly and build up, remember to let go of fear, it’s nice to be wanted, try new experiences, journey with friends, and it probably won’t kill you.

A little bit of laughter today with help us remember to…

laugh at the days to come!




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