GRATITUDE: Contemplation In Action Prayers, by Matthew Linn, Dennis Linn, & Sheila Fabricant

The Value of Sparrows

From Prayer Course for Healing Life’s Hurts

Take a minute and ask for the grace to be able to receive love.  Then go and do one of the following:


Take a walk of thanksgiving in which you just thank God for the ways you see his love.  You might thank him through words, by the way you take deep breaths of his care, or just by the way you rejoice in seeing and touching his creation.  Maybe you will want to stop in one spot and thank him for all you can hear, smell, touch, and see.  Let him smile at you and smile back.


A favorite prayer of Saint Teresa was to work with an awareness of Jesus being at her side.  Invite Jesus to be with you as you work during part of the day.  You might speak to him about what you are doing, or…

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