Letter Writing Challenge – Love Letters Delivered!


Twelve letters written and delivered!

Today I’m praying for the recipients of my letters.  I started out to write 6 letters.  They ended up being so fun to write and much easier than I thought, so I finished 12 letters for my first batch!

It really was quite exciting.  They weren’t long, only a paragraph each, but I wouldn’t even be finished the last one when I would see something happening around me to trigger the theme for the next one.

I finished each letter with a promise to pray for the recipient of the letter.  Just think, these people may not have anyone else praying for them, and one more never hurts anyways.

I went for a walk yesterday with one of my boys and started dropping off letters along the path – on a bench, in the crook of a tree, beside a large rock.  I hadn’t shared this idea with my boy before we started our walk, but before long he was pointing out good spots to leave a letter too.  I even got confronted at one point by someone for littering, so I explained my mission and we parted with smiles.

So, are you up for the challenge?  Let’s get writing!

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