TBT – My Son was Ugly and Beautiful – December 1993

musings by melina

My baby was covered with eczema.  He looked so bad with his oozing, pussy, open sores that at his hospital visits the other mothers would keep their children away from him in case he was contagious.

Our first adventure with our oldest son began with jaundice right after birth.  He got so yellow his eyes and tongue almost glowed but he was home and visits to the hospital lab a couple of days in a row showed that his levels were coming down so it was only time before it would clear.  In the meantime I nursed him lots and placed him in his diaper in his bassinet in front of our living room window.

At about 5 weeks old, I was nursing my son in bed in the early hours of the morning when his arms started flailing and he woke me up.  He couldn’t catch his breath.  I…

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