Saved by the Lamb Sunday

Saved by the Lamb Sunday
“I, the Lamb of God, came to seek out & save the lost & to give My life as a ransom for all. I AM the attoning sacrifice for all who receive Me by faith. I AM the way to the Father – no one comes to the Father except thru Me. I AM the One Mediator between the Father & mankind. I AM waiting with open arms to receive all who come to Me with humble contrite hearts . Know this with fully persuaded faith & make it known. Testify how I touched you & transformed your life when you asked Me to be your personal Saviour & Lord.
To have a witness of experiencing Me is more powerful in reaching others that having a mere head knowledge of Me. As Paul VI said, People listen more readily to witnesses than to teachers, & if they listen to teachers it is because they are first of all witnesses.
Be a witness of being saved & set free by Me, Jesus the Lamb of God. Live the saved, redeemed & sanctified life. Let your life as well as your words declare: Saved by the Lamb forevermore!”

(as received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission)


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