Wisdom of God Wednesday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor;  shared with permission

“The message of the cross is complete absurdity to those who are headed for ruin, but to us who are experiencing salvation it is the power of God” (1 Cor. 1:18)
“For God’s folly is wiser than human wisdom, & the weakness of God is more powerful than human strength.” (1 Cor. 1:25)
Yes, to the world, God’s ways seem foolish, but His ways work. The “wisdom”
of the world leads to disappointment, despair & destruction. God’s “foolishness” leads to the joy of salvation, deep experience of His love, peace of soul and the certainty is our true home where we will share His nature & glory forever. Alleluia!

“What you experience of Me in your earthly life is just a little taste of all that I AM & all that I have for you. What you experience of Me is just a taste, you could say an appetizer to whet your appetite for more of Me, to keep you pressing in for more of Me. There is always more for I AM infinite.”

God knows the end from the beginning & is not surprised by what happens. In His wisdom He knew we would fail & already had the plan of redemption in place. He already planned to redeem us by giving us His Son Jesus as a ransom for all who would believe in Him. Paul expresses it this way, “God chose us in Him before the world began, to be holy & blameless in His sight, to be full of love; He likewise predestined us thru Christ Jesus to be His adopted sons – such was His will & pleasure – that all might praise His glorious favour He has bestowed on us in His beloved. (Ephesians 1:4-6)

How great is God’s love & mercy toward everyone who will receive it by faith in Jesus Christ!

How great is the wisdom and goodness of God! Alleluia!


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