Tired Tuesday

as received by Deacon Stan Cor;  shared with permission

“Are you tired of the way things are in your life, your family, community & the world? Are you tired and had enough? Then embrace My plans & purposes, My will & way. Do not just do what seems good to you; do what I reveal to you; My ways work. Sit at My feet and learn from Me; receive the Spirit of wisdom, insight & revelation. He will guide you in your thoughts, words & action; He will lead you to succeed & prosper in all that He gives you to do.
In prayer do not pray the negative, the bad things you see around you or in you. Rather pray & call forth the good & holy results Holy Spirit inspires you to expect; declare these good things in prophetic intercession. Declare & decree expectantly good & glorious changes as Holy Spirit leads you.
In your thoughts, prayers, words & actions agree with Me, not with the enemy. He only comes to steal, kill & destroy. I have come that you may have life & have it more abundantly. Agree with Me, build with Me: change your life, family & the world. Let Me make you a world changer empowered by the Holy Spirit. Be attentive & obedient to His leading. He will show you what to do & equip you as you step out in obedient faith. He will make you a gloriously bright beacon shining My divine light for all to see & be drawn to. He will so transform you that people will only see Me in you.
Tired of the way things are, become an ambassador of change in the power of the Holy Spirit.”



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