As received by Deacon Stan Cor; shared with permission


Jesus is risen! Alleluia! Now He lives forevermore. We who believe in Him were raised with Him. Father God has seated us in heavenly places with Him! Oh, the glory of His resurrection victory over sin, sickness, death, hell and the grave.
Happy and blessed Easter to one and all!
The Lord Jesus is risen; He is risen indeed, alleluia!

MEANDER MONDAY (encouragement)
Meander down memory lane; rejoice and be glad in what Jesus, the risen Lord has done for you. Meander without rushing and let the Holy Spirit show you where and how Jesus has blessed you, yes, even in ways you were not aware of at the time. See and be glad. Stop and rejoice in all that Jesus has done for you – the big blessings, the life-changing encounters and the smaller blessings as well. All are significant and of value.
Meander down memory lane. Be blessed as you recall what Jesus has done for you and through you.
“He Who is mighty has done great things for me and Holy is His Name!”


Jesus, by His victory over sin and death has given us a triumphant hope that far exceeds mere earthly hope. The fact and excitement of His resurrection give us a triumphant, overcoming hope, a hope anchored in Jesus now seated at the Father’s right hand in heaven. Jesus, our risen and glorified Lord sits in the position of authority and power, and the Father has raised us up in and with Jesus. He has seated us in heavenly places in Christ Jesus our Lord.
We may have little worldly authority or power, but we share the authority and power of Jesus. We are to exercise this delegated authority with humility, not for earthly gain nor to dominate others. Rather, it is given to us so that we can serve others and draw them to Jesus, the Source of authority. As ambassadors of reconciliation we are to be instruments of heaven on earth, sharing Jesus, the reason for the triumphant hope we have, hope that God’s kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Triumphant hope is ours in Christ! Alleluia!

“Thanks be to God Who always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus the Lord and Who manifests the fragrance of His knowledge through us in every place.” (2 Cor. 2:14)
“But thanks be to God, Who has given us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Cor. 15:57)
“I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me .”

Be a person of triumphant hope, full of joy!


What a wonderful Saviour Jesus is! He left the glories of heaven and lived our human life with all of its trials and temptations. He understands what we go through. He walked where we walk; He felt what we feel yet He was without sin.
Obediently He accepted death, death on a cross for our salvation. Jesus carried our sins, sicknesses, diseases and infirmities in His own Body on the cross – so we don’t have to. He nailed our condemnation, guilt, shame and regrets on the cross. What a wonderful Saviour! He became sin for us so we could be forgiven and freed, made the righteousness of God in Him!
He left the glories of heaven so that in Him we might share those glories with Him. He died so we could die to sin; He rose again so that we could rise to new life in Him – dead to sin, alive to God. (See Romans 6:8-11)
What a wonderful Saviour! Jesus Christ is Saviour and Lord, alleluia forevermore.

Jesus, You are a wonderful Saviour. Great and wonderful is Your love and mercy for us. Your commitment to save us even at the cost of rejection, ridicule, false accusations and condemnation though You were innocent, then the brutal whipping and agonizing death on the cross. Wonderful Saviour, You did it for us, for me!
Wonderful Saviour, You brought the Good News that through faith in You and in Your finished work on the cross we could avoid hell, be forgiven, and gain eternal life in heaven with You in the glory of Abba, Daddy. You sealed the deal through Your glorious resurrection! Alleluia!
What a wonderful Saviour; thank You, Jesus!


“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His love endures forever.”(Psalm 6:1)
The Lord God is trustworthy for He is faithful forever. His precious promises endure forever. His Words accomplish all that He sends do them out to do. He watches over His Word to perform and fulfill it. What He says, is!
We may abandon Him but He never abandons us. He is always working to draw us back to Himself and to draw us deeper into His love and goodness. He is the Lord God Almighty, ever faithful God.
Trustworthy is the Lord!

“I AM forever faithful; I do not change. I AM the same yesterday, today and forever. What I have promised I have done; what I have promised I will do. I AM forever faithful; you can count on Me.
I AM your Saviour to save you from all that would separate you from Me or would harm you. I AM forever faithful and more than able to save you to the uttermost. I AM your Redeemer to redeem you and to restore all that you were created to have and to be, I rebuke the devourer and thief; he must repay sevenfold.
I AM trustworthy for I AM God co-eternal with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Lean on Me, depend on Me and watch what I will do for you and through you. Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have your good at heart. Abide in Me; abide in My holy presence and bask in My glory where you will be transformed more and more into My nature and character, My image and likeness. Lean on Me.
I AM the Lord; I AM trustworthy!”

FRIENDS OF GOD FRIDAY (encouragement)

Friends make the effort to spend quality time with their friends and so keep their friendship strong and growing.
Friends of God spend quality time with God so as to deepen their relationship with Him. Friends of God desire to grow into deeper and more intimate union and communion with Him. It is wisdom to desire and pursue Holy Spirit Who makes us friends of God. It is wisdom to take the quality time to foster and deepen our friendship with God, with each person of the Holy Trinity.
Friends spend time with friends. Are you a friend of God? Do you want to be a friend of God?
Beloved, spend time as a friend of God, with God your Friend.


“Signs like these will accompany those who have professed their faith in Me: they will use My Name to expel demons, they will speak in other tongues, they will be able to handle serpents, they will be able to drink deadly poison without harm, and the sick upon whom they lay their hands will recover.” (Mark 16:17-18)
Mark 16:15-20 gives us our marching orders, so to speak. We are to be believers proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ and experiencing Him confirm the Word with signs and wonders. This is not pride but humble obedience and expectant faith. In John 14:12-18 Jesus promised that those who believe in Him would do the works He did, and even greater works in the power of the Holy Spirit. As we read the book of Acts we see that this is normal Christianity; anything less is sub-normal.
Neither our experience nor our theology should keep us from union with Christ and the signs and wonders He wants to manifest through us. All charisms are to be eagerly desired and exercised for the glory of God and the good of all. These are signs that God is indeed among us.
Supernatural signs – do them with Jesus in the power of Holy Spirit.

Jesus worked amazing healings, creative miracles, cast out demons and even raised the dead. He said those who believe in Him would do the same and greater works! This should not dismay us; since Jesus said we would, we should know that We will see the proof as we dare to step out in faith.
We see the proof as we read in the book of Acts what the Holy Spirit empowered the apostles and other believers to do. We see the proof as we read the lives of the saints including those still among us. We, believers in Jesus today, are called to believe and experience Holy Spirit working signs and wonders thru us. The signs and wonders are like dinner bells announcing that something great is being offered, something great from God!
Holy Spirit teach us lead us, empower us to be men and women of signs and wonders. We want to see and do the supernatural signs Jesus promised.
Supernatural signs today and everyday! Alleluia!




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