Resurrection Eggs – a Fun Easter Tradition



photo source and how-to’s from the Real Housewife

What is more fun about Easter than hiding and finding eggs?  Kids who feel they are too old to hunt team up to hide the eggs outside in the yard.  The younger kids gather and wait for the count.  A wild dispersing at the word “go!”  Kids run around with a basket and fill them with little chocolate treasures.  Older kids help younger kids fill their baskets.  Kids race to find the most eggs because the one with the most eggs wins a prize.  One of daughters says that finding eggs for weeks after Easter is the most fun.

Easter is about families getting together.  It is about having fun.  It is about traditions.

One tradition in our family is sitting and opening our resurrection eggs.  We have twelve.  At our Easter meal, we will each take a turn opening the egg on our plate, examining our treasure inside, and reading the scripture.  In the past we have opened our eggs after family rosary, or hidden the eggs and opened them together afterwards, always sharing the scriptures and story of Jesus death and resurrection.

I got my idea from Monica McConkey in her book A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families.  You can also follow Monica at Equipping Catholic Families.

Heidi from Our Out-of-Sync Life has 20 Resurrection Eggs that she’s made with her family.  She has scriptures on her webpage too.  These are her eggs:

Resurrection Eggs - 20

Personally I prefer the 12 eggs, because little people get tired of listening to the story even when it is such a good story!

It is what Holy Week is all about, and we take time during Holy Week to remember.  Again and again.  So that we can really appreciate what Jesus did for us.  He suffered for us.  He died for us.  He rose from the dead for us.  He did this while we were still sinners.  He did it because He loves us and wants us to spend eternity with Him and His Father in heaven.  He also did it so we can truly live now.

This is what I try to teach my children.  Over and over.  Following Jesus is about truly living now.  You can search your whole life for meaning and unless you live wholeheartedly for Jesus you won’t find it.  Is it hard?  Not really.  The hardest part is taking the first step when we think about what we have to give up.  The reality is the things we give up really mean nothing after we are gone, and only complicate our lives now.  Living for Jesus may set perimeters, buy they set perimeters for freedom, peace and joy.

He is risen!  Truly He is risen!  As He said He would.

*** PLEASE NOTE HALF OF A PLASTIC EGG CAN BECOME LODGED IN A CHILD’S MOUTH.  We’ve had the heart-stopping adventure of extracting a plastic egg stuck behind the teeth in a child’s mouth not once, but twice.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL.


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