The ABC’s of Bible Sharing

Hi!  I’m Melina, homeschooling mother of 11, and Grandmelina to 2!

I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about starting this Bible study with you.  God has been calling me to read and study scripture more, and I thought, why not do it here, with you? Scripture comes so much more alive for me when I have someone to share it with, and I’m looking forward to seeing how God is working in your lives.

First, take the time to read the chapter through quickly, as a story.  Sometimes I read it through a second time historically, looking at the setting and seeing the people as they would have been affected by the events unfolding, trying to see a theme.  Before reading the chapter through a final time, I sit still before God.  I ask Him to open the eyes of my heart and to reveal to me which verses He wants to bring to my attention.  Which verse is my favourite, and why?  Which verse(s) challenge me, and why? And what practical steps can I take to live this out?  Is there a verse, or a whole section that confuses me?  I take the time now to research it a little, then just let it rest in my heart, knowing that even if I don’t understand it now, I may someday in the future. There is plenty that God can speak to me in the verses that I do understand.  I take time to meditate on His Word, and contemplate what it means in my life.

In a nutshell, this is a rundown of the steps for reading each chapter.  When it comes to sharing it here, I will focus on one verse from each chapter that spoke to me in a special way. And I hope you will do the same.  I look forward to reading your comments. Remember, this is what God is speaking to you, and it can be as individual as you are.


So pull out your Bible and your journal, and start recording what God’s Spirit is speaking to your heart and your life.

ABC Bible Sharing Method with blue heart

I like to use this method with a whole chapter of my Bible, usually from the New Testament, but any length of reading from the New or Old Testament can be used.

A – A Title :  Choosing a title is straight forward (although harder for some than others).  Some people find it so easy to be inventive, and come up with such catchy titles, others are just functional.  You’re looking for a theme here, some recurring thought, or something that is speaking to your heart.  Try limiting your title to 5 or less words…but remember…you aren’t being graded here, you’re delving into the Word of God.  Write whatever works for you.

B – Best Verse :  Now we’re getting into the heart of what God is speaking to us.  Is there a verse you like?  Is there a verse that you’ve heard before that stands out for you?  Why?  Sometimes my “best verse” is a verse that has meaning for me, but isn’t always a “feel good” verse, but you know, God is speaking to ME and I write and share as honestly as I can.

C – Challenge Verse :  Now this, this is where things get serious.  Because now we’re choosing a verse (or a passage) that God is calling US to put into action THIS WEEK.  Of course, some challenges take longer than a week to achieve, but I am writing down WHAT STEPS I will take this week to start to implement this growth that God is calling me to.  Sometimes, week after week, I get the same challenge from different verses, because God is still working on a certain area of my life (you know, like deep cleaning my life).  Other times, I get a new and exciting challenge to work on.

D – Difficulties :  We all come across scripture that leaves us confused.  Sometimes research will bring us the answers.  Sometimes bringing it up with friends or our pastor can enlighten us.  Other times, we can just leave it, because really this study/sharing is about what God IS saying to US personally, and He probably isn’t speaking to us through these confusing verses anyways.


For the more adventurous, try this in a small group setting.  This method works best when you do one chapter a week, but can be done daily as we are doing.  The Gospels work especially well with this format.

Everyone needs to prepare their sharings ahead of time.  To start, usually the challenges from the previous week are discussed.  How well were they lived out?  Next, the verses in the chapter are divided equally among the participants and each person takes a turn reading.  Different translations of the Bible make this interesting, sometimes clearing up difficulties right away.  Starting with “A” – a title – each person takes a turn sharing.  Continue with “B” – best verse, “C” – challenge verse, and, finally, “D” – difficulties, each person taking their turn.  If someone is in need of prayers, take the time to pray with them.  A snack to start or end the sharing time is appropriate.

Sharing this way builds bonds within the group.  It is important to keep all sharings confidential and to listen carefully when someone is speaking.  There should be an appointed leader of the group to keep everyone on track.

I’ve seen this format used with groups of couples and groups of women. I’ve even used it with my children.  It’s a good way to get them to think about Scripture and learn to implement it in their lives.  But of course, you can used this Bible sharing method with any group of people, with a group of 4-6 being the ideal so that everyone gets a chance to share as much as they need to.

But with others or alone, sit with your scripture and write down what God’s Spirit is speaking to you.  Then you can look back over the years and see how God has been moving in your life.  You’ll never regret it!






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