Christian Purim

Hi!  I’m Melina, homeschooling mother of 11 and Grandmelina to 2!

purim - Happy Purim

I love the story of Queen Esther in the Bible!  She is such a strong woman of God, willing to put the needs of her family and her people first.  Pur refers to the lot that was cast by Haman to decide which day to wipe out all of the Jewish people in Persia.

However, Purim is the celebration of the rescue of the Jews from extermination.  It is one of the most festive Jewish holidays.

Our homeschool co-op is celebrating this Jewish feast today as a wrap up to our biblical and historical unit study.  Today is not the actual date of Purim.  It is celebrated in February or March.  The date changes each year.  You’ll have to look it up.

I might just make this a yearly festival in our home.  I love the joy surrounding this festival!

In remembrance, a fast is observed the day before Purim (to remember the 3 day fast that Queen Esther made in preparation for meeting the King and pleading on behalf of Her people).

The book of Esther is read aloud.

People dress up and wear masks at masquerade parties (to symbolize the masked hand of God saving His people).

Triangle shaped Hamantaschen cookies filled with jam, chocolate or even meat (similar to the 3 cornered hat that the antagonist Haman presumably wore) are made and eaten.

Gifts or money are given to the poor (at least 2).

Gift baskets of Purim treats are given to friends.

And a huge festive meal is shared with family and friends.  It is a chance to explain the religious significance of Purim.


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