Matthew - a journey through MatthewHi!  I’m Melina, homeschooling mother of 11 and Grandmelina to 2!

Dear Jesus, I come before you today.  Open my heart and my mind as I read Matthew. Help me to understand what You are trying to say to me, and to see what You are trying to show me.  I love You.


You can find Matthew 7 online here.

Anyone who hears my words and puts them into practice is like the wise (woman) who built (her) house on rock.

Matthew 7:24

The challenges we take after reading or hearing Jesus’ words in the gospels is what Jesus is talking about here.  Wisdom is recognizing Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and becoming His disciple:  allowing Him to teach us and mold us.  Then it doesn’t matter what storms will come, because our wisdom comes from God and will keep us strong.

Your verdict on others will be the verdict passed on to you.

Matthew 7:1

This verse, as well as verse 15 of chapter 6:  “If you do not forgive others neither will your Father forgive you,” really speak to me.  Keeping our thoughts pure is just as important as keeping our actions pure.  Even if nobody knows what we’re thinking, God does.  But eventually our negative thoughts come out in our words or actions.  There are a few people I need to forgive more wholeheartedly.  So what if they hurt me?  I can walk away from the hurt, and if they continue to hurt me, I can walk away from them.  I need to pray for their hidden hurts, the ones very few people know about, because there is a reason why they hurt me.  They probably have no idea that I’m still hurting, or even the extent of the hurt they caused, which I also have hidden.  Releasing that hurt, and the resulting anger and resentment, will bring freedom!

YOUR TURN:  Read Matthew 7 and listen with your heart to what God’s Spirit is saying to you.  Then write down what you hear and feel, or what stands out for you in your journal.  You will enjoy being able to see God at work in your life.  If you’re unsure what to write, you can follow the method listed below.

ABC BIBLE SHARING:  A great way to read your scriptures.  Follow the ABC Bible Sharing Method here.

PRAYER:  Thank you God for sending Your Son, Jesus, to lead us and guide us in the Gospels close to Your loving heart.  Help me to listen to Your Word with my heart and allow Your Word to draw me closer to You.  Amen.

2 thoughts on “Matthew 7 – WISDOM AND FREEDOM

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