The Rosary


Our families and our kids are under attack.  We might feel like we’re losing the battle, but we’re not when we cling to Jesus through the intercession of His mother, Mary.  Saint Padre Pio says, “The rosary is THE weapon for our times.”

Take the time to pray the rosary with your family.  The rosary begins with us, grows with our families, and unites with all those around our country, and the world, praying the same prayer.  Mary is our Queen and the head of our army.  We pray, we share, we teach – and we grow the message that with Mary leading our prayer, nothing is impossible.  We become people of prayer in the midst of our busy lives.

First step is to start praying your rosary.  Seem daunting?  Start by praying a decade a day.  But a 5 decade rosary while meditating on the mysteries of the day, a 15 to 20 minute commitment to prayer, should be our minimum goal each day.

At least once a week, we should try to find an hour and fifteen minutes to pray all 20 decades of the rosary while meditating on the mysteries.   This is my personal goal.  It is a retreat guided by Mary each time we do.  It is powerful and God will use that time to mold us into His people, through Mary and the rosary.

To further strengthen our prayers, couples can unite together in praying a Mercy Chaplet for their families and for world peace…we live in crazy times, right?  Spend time before the Blessed Sacrament at adoration, and of course attend weekly (or daily, when possible) mass.

But we shouldn’t keep all this goodness to ourselves.  To become a true army, we need to join with others in prayer.  Yes, we can join with others in the virtual world, but also join together first with your family.  If your church already has a rosary time, join with them. If they don’t, offer to lead a rosary before mass.  Others will quickly join in.  It really sets the tone for mass too, as well as blessing your church abundantly.

Once upon a time, I started gathering with friends to pray a rosary in my daughter’s home once a week.  It was truly a blessed time for all of us.

And consecrate yourself to Jesus through Mary.  You can use the St. Louis de Montfort consecration, or the newer 33 Days to Morning Glory by Fr. Gaitley.  Both books are available on Amazon.  I have used both and have been immensely blessed by both.  You can follow along with our Facebook group – 33 Days to Morning Glory with WOLF.  We lead a group through the retreat a couple of times a year.

How to Pray the Rosary

Prayers Used in Praying the Rosary

Sitting at the Feet of Jesus